Qt Creator suddenly confused debugging on Windows 8

  • Hi,

    For a few months I've been using Qt Creator 2.7.0 happily on Windows 8. I'm using MSVC 10.0 compiler (x86) and cdb found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64\cdb.exe, with Qt 4.8.4.

    It was all working fine for ages, then suddenly I get strange debug information.

    If I add a breakpoint, the Locals and Expressions window has the wrong types for my variables. My custom types are incorrectly described as Qt types such as QFrame! (Its actually an enum). An unsigned int is described as a class QFramePrivate elsewhere.

    Either that or I just get <No information found error> in the value column.

    I've uninstalled Qt and Qt Creator and rebuilt everything, and tried x64 and x86 versions of cdb (its a 32bit app), and also the cdb in Debugging tools for windows.

    What else can I try? Debugging is impossible - but really required ASAP! :)


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