Where to find tutorial / lesson for networking in modern Qt?

  • I have the C++ GUI Programming with Qt4 book, and also been watching voidrealms Qt video series for learning Qt, however both of these cover older version of Qt which hasn't been much of a problem for the GUI stuff but the networking seems to have changed quite a bit. Both these sources are teaching QFtp and QHttp classes which appear to not exist anymore. Where can I find a tutorial / lessons on getting up to speed with QtNetworking, for noobs to the topic?

  • The networking has not changed in any substantial way since Qt4 introduced QNetworkAccessManager. QHttp and QFtp were deprecated in Qt4 and removed/hidden in Qt5. The book you refer to does, indeed, use the deprecated classes.

    Start with the Networking Examples, particularly the HTTP example:

    and, of course, read them in conjunction with the documentation for the network classes:

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