Appliacations selection is not showing up under new projects

  • I have installed Qt creator v 2.7.0 for windows. When I select CREATE NEW PROJECT, I do not have a selection APPLICATIONS under PROJECTS , thus I then can not select QT GUI APPLICATION.

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    Creator will only show those project types you can actually use. So if the Qt entries are missing that is usually due to there being no Qt version set up in Creator. Check Tools>Options>Build & Run>Qt versions. Please also check the Kits and Compilers tab to make sure the Qt version is actually used and that creator found a compiler.

  • I am trying to use this with my Beaglbone. I saw a YouTube video showing how to do this, but it showed all ready that their QT creator was setup for this application. I have tried to search how to do this, but no luck.

    Could you please send me in the right direction on where/how I am to add the correct kits and compilers for QT creator to use?

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    Sorry, I can tell you where the information needs to go (Tools>Options>Build & Run and then Qt version, Compilers and Kits tabs there), but I do not know what exactly needs to go into all the fields there to make your setup work.

    There should be documentation on how to use Qt with a beaglbone available on the net somewhere... Maybe can help?

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