Qt "Source" variable location?

  • Hi!

    I'm moving Qt custom build to another PC but I'm experiencing some problems. I resolved almost all of them, only one remains.
    Where is "this":http://oi41.tinypic.com/ws30xx.jpg variable specified (red box on the image bellow)?

    !http://oi41.tinypic.com/ws30xx.jpg(Just an image)!


  • AFAIK it is compiled and linked into your Qt tools when you are building your setup yourself.
    At least with Qt 4 version you cannot simply rename folders and assume that the setup is still working.

  • For Qt4 there is a tool called QtMove that edits all the necessary files and registers the new path. But it does not work with Qt5.

    Most of the variables are compiled in qmake.exe. You can see them if you open it with hex editor or execute from command prompt qmake -query.

    Probably the last thing I need to change is that source variable that I can't find.
    Any ideas where to look are also welcome.

  • OK, you are aware of those details.
    I am probably of no help then, since I am not using Qt 5 yet. The only other thing is the qt.conf which plays a role for Qt creator, but I guess you have thought about this.

  • I did my homework :) .
    I found that source variable is in QT_DIR\qtbase.qmake.conf but it didn't change anything. So I'm still searching where are all paths use by qmake stored.

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