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[SOLVED] How to use qt resources file containing .js and .qml files (Qt Quick 2 qmake project) to avoid full rebuild after every change in files?

  • Hi.
    I have Qt Quick 2 project. I need to implement computer graphics lab: drawing ellipses with different algorithms. I decided to separate ui from algorithms and created ellipse.js file.

    As I understand there are 2 ways to use .qml and .js files: directly and as a qt resource part.
    Disadvantages of those ways:

    I must copy files to build dir (or make symlinks). I should do it every time I create a new .qml or .js file, I can forget about it.

    Final user will have binary file and .qml files. Even in the case of free (open-source) software sometimes better to have single file.


    I have to edit my .qrc file every time I create a new .qml or .js file.

    Due this "bug": I have to rebuild whole project after every change in .qml or .js files.

    I prefer the second way, but frequent protracted rebuilds are annoying. This is really bad because Qt Quick was presented as a solution for fast prototyping, but if I have to wait ten seconds for compilation and linking after each iteration it isn't "fast prototyping". So I switched to the first way with ugly qml files loading:
    @QQmlComponent component(&engine, QUrl::fromLocalFile("../../main.qml"));@

    Are there ways to fix this situation? I heard about QBS but it's unstable yet.
    I also saw some examples with .qmlproject files like:
    Project {
    QmlFiles {
    directory: "."
    JavaScriptFiles {
    directory: "."
    but I cannot find how to use those .qmlproject files instead of .pro files.

    UPD: for pure QML projects it's worth to use .qmlproject (see below how)

  • I believe with this bug it should be sufficient to run qmake again and then build.

    The .qmlproject file works for a pure qml project. It can be run with the qmlviewer or qmlscene depending on your QtQuick version.
    To see this work, in QtCreator simply create a Qt Quick 1 UI or Qt Quick 2 UI project in stead of Qt Quick application. This has the benefit of not needing to compile at all.

  • Thank you, JapieKrekel, I did it and now it works fine! Program starts faster than before (but unfortunately slower than Qt Widgets application) and after changes I have to only press “Run”.

    I have one problem: I used Qt Fusion Style, not system style. How can I do this with qmlscene? I created "separate thread": for this question.

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