How to organize a developer event like Qt developers days?

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    I want to know how to organize a developer event like Microsoft tech days, Qt developers days, etc. Do you also know an event which is not specific to a platform (ie Qt or microsoft or java or php)?

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    "FOSDEM": is a developer oriented event for open source developers and not tied to a specific platform. It is a cool event.

  • I'm trying to organize a similar event but all advices I had was to tie it to a platform because they say it is easier to get sponsors. How can they finance their event?

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    I am just a regular visitor of FOSDEM (since more than 10 years now, I am that old;) and quite a few other events, but I have no idea how one actually organizes such a thing!

    From what I have seen FOSDEM started out as a small (but great) event, run by a group of students at their university. I guess finding sponsors (besides the university that is still sponsoring the rooms from what I understand) was not necessary at first.

    "LinuxTag": started out in a similar fashion at the university of Kaiserslautern, Germany. They are a huge event nowadays, much bigger than FOSDEM, but they are not focused on developers.

  • thanks. I sent them messages.

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