How to install SAPI (Windows Speech API) for QT?

  • Hello all,

    I am having very hard time trying to install SAPI for qt. I have the latest QT version which works with the VS 2010 compiler and I am using windows 7 ultimate. I downloaded SAPI 5.1, but then got to know SAPI latest version is built in for Windows 7.

    Can someone please let me know how to install SAPI and how to configure it for QT step by step? After that, a working hello world program please?

    Please help!

    [[Merged two identical threads, Tobias]]

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    Hi Yohan,

    Just to clarify, SAPI is developed by Microsoft. It is not related to Qt at all. It is a 3rd-party library, so you can't "install it for Qt". You don't have to "install" it anyway -- just link the library. What you have done in at is already correct.

    However, your does not use any Qt classes at all. Can you describe what you wish to do with Qt? Do you just want to use Qt Creator as your IDE, or do you want to use Qt classes?

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