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A larger memory leak while using dynamic listmodel?

  • hello everybody.I am learning QML in Qt 5.0.2,now i try to make a simple picture viewer,
    so i write a c++ class to manager the paths of picture in which directory i selected, and the listModel may be simply is:
    @ VisuleListModel {
    id: model
    Image {
    source :"xxxxxx"
    Image {
    and i use the ListView in this code:
    @ ListView {
    the application run well,but i found that the using memory is up while i flick the view,at first the using memory is about 60M, when i flick the view as many as times, the memory could up to 600M even more.
    i think it's not normal, does anybody meet this situation ?

    sorry i am poor in english and in other's computer i can't upload the code or the snapshot

    [[Added code markup, Tobias]]

  • sorry the code is nothing with dynamic listmodel....>"<

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