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Trouble linking Qt on win7 ultimate 64 with vs2005 sp2

  • Which download should I use - sdk-windows-cpp or qt-win-opensource-4.7.1-vs2008? What about qt-vs-addin-1.1.7? Tried sdk w/o tqt-vs-addin and install/config went ok, but got fatal error U1077 with nmake. Demo runs ok, but tried copying source, header and main files for the main window example into VS and compiling and get compiler error can't find QApplication. Set directories for #include, library to qt\inlcude and qt\lib, and typed in QtCore4.dll and QtGui4.dll into additional dependencies in linker. Followed instructions for qmake and nmake, but having trouble with these. Any advice much appreciated.

  • try using sdk-windows-cpp with qt-vs-addin-1.1.7

  • Also "this": instructions might help.

  • I really advice everybody that want/need to build Qt to download the sources only.

    As you know the Windows SDK is already build with MingW and it installs Qt Creator (you don't need any of this if you plan on building and using Qt with VS)

    "Link": to download the 4.7.1 source.

    Basically you need to: un-zip, configure, nmake sub-src (to build Qt framework), nmake sub-tools (to build the Qt tools - Designer, etc) or simple nmake to build everything and then install the VS add-in.

    See also this "link":

  • You wrote 64 in subject line, Do you mean you have 64bit Os?? if yes then I seriously doubt any of the sdk will be 64bit binary. Can you confirm if you are having 64bit machine

  • Both the SDK (32bit build) and the way described in my previous post (also 32bit build) works on on 64bit version of Window 7.

    The only thing i didn't do is build with VS2005, because i don't have VS2005, i built Qt only with VS2008 and VS2010.

    So you can use 32 applications on 64bit OS.
    But if you really want 64bit Qt and then build 64bit Qt applications, you need to build Qt for the 64bit, even if there is a bug they say it's possible, some information "here":

  • Zlatomir is right, anyway you have to build Qt from sources.

  • Yes 64 bit operating system. Tried sdk-windows-cpp with qt-vs-addin-1.1.7 and same result. Also, tried qt-win-opensource-4.7.1-vs2008 with qt-vs-addin-1.1.7 and after almost 5.5 hours of config/nmake got the same error messages with nmake. Was able to compile program but got linker error. Will try compiling source code now, but not sure what modules I need. I just want a gui with dialogs, lists, etc. and ability to do plotting graphics, but don't need network, cross platform, multimedia. Don't have much experience building and linking libraries. Have done mostly small native c++ programs. Tried microsoft foundations for a while but it is awful. Thanks again all for your input.

  • Compile all modules, anyway each module will be built as independent dll.
    just run ./configure without arguments

  • Hi,

    I followed Zlatomir's advice to build Qt from the src files and it compiled successfully! thanks for the enlightenment!

    It already created a projects with all projects to open with VS2008. Do I still need to configure shadow build as explained in "this guide": to be able to make winCE apps?

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