QTableWidget Speed adding items

  • I am playing with a QTableWidget. Developed a small app that uses it and populates it with about 6 columns and 5000 rows. I developed it in windows and timed how long it tooks to populate the widget. It took about 6 seconds in Run compile, and about 40 seconds with a debug compile.

    I booted into my Linux Mint install and opened the same project ( resetting compile directories and what not) and recompiled the exact code. Both compiles were 64bit. The linux compile ran and populated the QTableWidget with the same items, 6 columns and 5000 rows, in less than half a second in both a run compile and a debug compile.

    So my question is, has anyone experienced such a large performance differance between windows and linux? Im not knowladgeable on compilers and optimizing them, could the linux compiler be better optimized? How can I check if so?

    Is linux just that much faster at executing code than window?

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