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[Solved]Error in Qt Creator

  • Hi

    Have a nice day ,I faced big problem its like that in my Qt application debug successfully but when i go through the coding it has some cods which underline red color its seems errors ,to check that i also create errors then i debug application its also run successfully its not display errors ,i try rebuild and clear options but still it not solve application debug successfully with errors please help me to solve that problem.Its not display errors.


  • Are you sure that the file is included in your build?

    Goto the project on left pane and click right mouse button -> "Run qmake" and rebuild. Possibly that is solving your problem.

  • Thanks for your reply i follow your steps but still i had same problem :(

  • problem is solved i missed to include one of my header file into main.cpp if i enter this header files into main.cpp its work normally .Now its display errors which i done .

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