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QML for Symbian S60 - app is now live;)

  • Hi guys, just wanted to say that thanks to many of you I learned enough of QML to release two apps developed by myself.
    So below are the ones done in pure QML:

    1. "WeatherTalk":http://store.ovi.com/content/361495 (has both Symbian S60 / Symbian^3 versions)
    2. "AntiTheft Sentinel":http://store.ovi.com/content/358653 (Symbian^3 only)

    Overall just wanted to say that some things it was super easy to do, but some things were done with workarounds;(
    Looking forward to Qt 5.1+ now and will see how good Qt is for Android:)

  • Great! Well done. Why don't you port your apps to Nokia N9 (and later to Jolla Sailfish OS)?

  • It will be a bad idea not to, especially now that symbian is pretty much a done deal, and Qt itself is portable enough to cover a wider range of much more lucrative mobile platforms.

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