There is no docs in custom install dir

  • Hello. I can't seems to understand how to build Qt documentation files to custom install directory. I downloaded sources using Git to a folder

    Created a custom folder for my installation

    From the sources folder I ran
    @configure -debug-and-release -opensource -c++11 -nomake examples -nomake tests -opengl desktop -platform win32-msvc2012 -no-icu -no-angle -mp -prefix C:\Dev\Qt\5.0.2-win32-msvc2012
    nmake install@
    All went ok and I got working Qt libs in c:\Dev\Qt\5.0.2-win32-msvc2012, but the c:\Dev\Qt\5.0.2-win32-msvc2012\doc folder is almost empty - it's only 134KB and has only one subfolder "global".
    I tried to run
    @nmake docs
    nmake install@

    from source folder, but with no luck.
    Also, I've checked the
    @qmake -query@

    It shows

    as supposed to be.

    Qt Assistant also doesn't show anything in Contents.

    So, what's wrong? How can I get documentation?
    Thank you.

  • what's the output of "nmake docs" ?

    I think you also need to build qttools.git in order to generate the .qch files

  • Just found, that docs are actually builded. Both: .html and .qch versions. But they are scattered in sub-folders "/doc" of each module. So, is this normal? I just have to add .qch files to Qt Assistant?

  • all the .qch files should be at the same level .. html's are inside subdirectories ..

    and yes, you can just add all the .qch files to Qt Assistant

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