Time to Triage new bug reports?

  • I filed a new bug "QTBUG-30913":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-30913

    I was just wondering, how long it typically takes to triage bugs? Like rejected or given a priority?

    I'm not expecting it should be already be done in a day. :)

    I'm just wondering if new bugs are typically triaged in days, weeks or months? This is just so that I can add some feedback to our own bug tracking system for our product.

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    Unfortunately, the Qt Project has a huge backlog of reports, and it depends a bit on your luck. There's definitely LOTS of room for improvement. The core team was recently talking about giving more people privileges to do triaging.

  • Nono, this was not criticism at all! I don't mind if it takes weeks or months.

    I'm just curious what is the usual time frame :)

    Thanks for the answer.

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