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Could not initialize GLX

  • I've managed to build QT 5.0.2 for an Atmel AT91SAM9G35 (ARM9) board. The CPU has a LCD controller, but no HW acceleration. The board has a running X and I've installed mesa and xcb. I can run widget apps with the xcb platform successfully, but QtQuick apps won't run, it terminates with "Could not initialize GLX" after flashing a title bar briefly on the LCD.

    I have configured with:

    ./configure -v -opensource -confirm-license -xplatform linux-arm-gnueabi-g++ -no-accessibility
    -no-cups -no-nis -no-pch -no-iconv -reduce-relocations -no-qpa-platform-guard
    -no-kms -no-qml-debug -nomake qtwebkit
    -system-sqlite -qt-sql-sqlite -plugin-sql-sqlite
    -nomake examples -nomake qtmultimedia -nomake tests
    -opengl -qt-xcb
    -prefix /opt/Qt-5.0.2
    -hostprefix /opt/Qt-5.0.2

    Am I missing something?

  • I'm still not further, but I have verified that I can run the mesa demos, e.g. glxgears, although very slow.

    This means opengl is working correctly, right? Does nobody have an idea why the QtQuick app won't run?

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