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[Solved] QGraphicsItem::ItemFlagsHaveChanged: correct cast?

  • I would like to use the QVariant value from QGraphicsItem::itemChange with the change flag QGraphicsItem::ItemFlagsHaveChanged.

    The docs say about this change:
    bq. The item's flags have changed. The value argument is the new flags (i.e., a quint32). Do not call setFlags() in itemChange() as this notification is delivered. The return value is ignored.

    From this, I gather the correct cast from value to QGraphicsItem::GraphicsItemFlags is:


    However, this feels wrong. What if I compile with 64 bits? Won't the Flags be 64 bits wide by default then? Okay, the cast would still work, but it doesn't feel right?

    IS it right?

  • The meta type stored by the QVariant in this case is QVariant::Uint, so the correct cast would be:


    Since the notification tells you that the flags have already changed you don't actually need this cast. Just use QGraphicsItem::flags() to get the current value.

  • Thanks to your post, I realized I should simply look in the code. And there it is:

    @ // Notify change.
    itemChange(ItemFlagsHaveChanged, quint32(flags));@

    I guess you get QVariant::Uint for qint32 when using 32-bit Qt. Might be different for 64 bits. So it seems my original cast was correct.

    Side note: I forward the value into a class that doesn't have access to flags(). So the cast is relevant for me.

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