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Set sub mouse cursor?

  • Is it possible to, not only change mousecursor, but to set a sub mouse cursor (similar to the picture)?

    !http://i.imgur.com/QqYJ9Kc.png(Sub mousecursor)!

  • AFAIK the mouse cursor always is a single image. I'm pretty sure that goes for the cursor on your image, too. You can use an arbitrary QPixmap to create a QCursor and use it just like the predefined cursors:

    QPixmap myPixmap(":/path/to/cursor/image");
    int hotspot = 0, hotspotY = 0;
    QCursor myCursor(myPixmap, hotspotX, hotspotY);

    That way you can create every kind of special cursor you might need.

  • Thanks! Not as easy as I would have hoped, but at least it is doable.

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