QtMultimedia Serious Error [Partially resolved]

  • Hi,

    I know some topics have already been opened but no solution are available for my problem ....
    At the beginning, i build my program with Qt5 with MinGW, and everything works fine. I just load perfectly a video and play it without any problem.

    Now, i want to build with VS2012 x86 QT5 (which i have built myself) evrything works fine, but not for the video :p
    There is a "serious error". I'am under Window 8...

    @Démarrage de C:\Users\Vincent\Dropbox\Personnal shared projects\AnimeProject\Dev\cpp\build-TwiigCenter-Desktop_Qt_5_0_2_MSVC_32bit-Debug\debug\TwiigCenter.exe...QObject::killTimer(): Error: timer id -842150451 is not valid for object 0xb44008 (Player), timer has not been killed
    WindowSize: 1280x720
    handleSessionEvent: serious error = -2147467262
    handleSessionEvent: serious error = -2147467262
    handleSessionEvent: serious error = -2147467262
    handleSessionEvent: serious error = -2147467262
    IMAGE LOG 'Resources/images/logo.png'
    IMAGE LOG 'Resources/images/no_image.png'@

    Do you already have any similar problem ?
    Can you help me :p ? I really don't find where does the problem come from !


  • Hi again,

    I resolve my problem :p
    In fact, Qt5 multimedia is not stable for now and particular videos files does not work...

    So, my first file was a MP4 container with 'MPEG-4 VISUAL' stream for video and AAC stream for audio.
    See: http://puu.sh/2HtBk.png

    This file does not work so i try to convert video stream to AVC to do this : http://puu.sh/2HtG2.png
    So now, the file is played properly, but i hope qt stay stable for me ....

    Thanks to readers, and certainly see you soon...

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