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How to install an add-on module to the qt5 redistributable version

  • Hello,

    I have installed Qt5.0.2 via installer.
    I then want to build another Add-On module (qtsystems).

    @cd ~/Qt5.0.2
    cd 5.0.2/gcc/lib
    git clone git://
    cd qtsystems
    make docs
    sudo make install@

    But after doing this, Qt is not working as expected (it does not seem to find the .prf features i use.. looks like a bad configuration??).
    How do i properly install a Qt5 Add-on module in the Qt5 install dir?


  • I've same issue and I don't know from where I've to start!

    Any help guys?

  • I found out how to fix this issue, it's just matter of qmake path. By default the system use qmake of Q4 so just passing the suitable path (using absolute path) will fix the issue.

    Cheers :)

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