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Using QGraphicsView inside QML doesn't receive Touch Events!

  • Hi all,

    I'm using QML for the UI of my application and have a problem to get touch events.

    But now I want to embed a QGraphicsView/Scene to QML. I have read in some thread doing that is not good because the QML itselve uses already a QGraphicsView/Scene.

    But the background of my work is: I use a QGraphicsView/Scene to manage items. It's like a editor where you can place items, move it and so on. A lot of function are used and new implemented by myself. This is the point why I want to use it further.

    To get/receive touch events I watched to the qt examples and the /touch/pinchzoom/graphicsview makes exactly what I want: Use pinch for zooming. I copied the code snipped, put it to my QGraphicsView. But the viewportEvent() is never called with touch events. I set also a lot of attributes like WA_AcceptTouchEvents to all parent widgets. Also called setAcceptTouchEvent() of my QGraphicsProxyWidget. But no touch events received.

    Have anybody an idea what I have to set to get touch events?
    Using vc2010, Qt 4.8.0, win7, xp.


  • Nobody has an idea? Workaround?

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