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Any Idea when Qt 4.8 is coming out?

  • I see several bugs and feature requests has been marked for future release or 4.8. I was wondering if any one knows when is this version coming out, or if any one can point me to road map of Qt where they have eastimated planned date for 4.8

  • We are interest in two bugs which are marked for 4.7.2 even that should solve our purpose for this moment if it is coming out any where by Jan 2011. any idea guys??

  • The standard, and the only right answer to these questions for Qt is "When it is done."

    I know that is not very specific, but it is the best anyone can do. However, perhaps the timeframes between the past releases may give you some rough guide. According to "Wikipedia":, the last releases of Qt minor versions seem to be spaced about nine months apart. With a 4.7 release last September, that would put 4.8 in the June or July (say: summer on the Northern Hemisphere) 2011 timeframe.

    Having said that: your guess is as good as anyones. Good news for you may be that there is work underway to have Qt be release less monolythicly. It will be more modularized, and different modules may get different release dates. At least, that's what I understood from it.

  • Thank you for the reply Andre. but dont you think it would be really good if they make it public there plan ( I know it would be very tentative) of releasing every minor major or bug fix release thats the way people will have some idea, and they can plan there own release cycles of application.

  • Yes, that's another point on the open-governance TODO list.

  • But once tentative plans are out, then too people will start commenting why its not being released and so on. Anyways, if tentative plan is required one can assume it to be 9 months as stated above.

  • Yup I can understand people have comment for every thing even if you do a release very eaerly :)
    Okay take it like tentative time frame for Minor release 9 month but what for
    Major release ??
    Bug fix release ?

  • Major releases (move from 4.x to 5.x): not in the immediate future. There is no schedule for this, AFAIK. And yes, the question has been asked to the Trolls on many occasions. Also at the Dev Days, the message was that there is no plan to start on a Qt 5.

    Bug fix releases seem to come out at different time spacings. Just from memory, I have the feeling that the first bugfix release usually comes pretty quickly after the minor release, and that they space out a bit more evenly afterwards. The last time, the first bugfix come two months after the minor release.

    I'm just wondering why it is so important to know. There are few situations where I think it would be useful, and one is when you are waiting for a release because an important bug has been fixed in the upcomming version. Other reasons?

  • It is important for us because there are three show stopper bugs are preventing us to release the product. and Tow of them are market for 4.8 and one for 4.7.2

  • OK, fair enough. I guess it's not an option to ship with your own Qt lib version in the meantime? 4.8 is not around the corner, I expect. If you have to wait for that, it may be worth trying to backport the fix to a 4.7.1 or 4.7.2 when it comes out, and ship with your own Qt libs. Not ideal, of course, but perhaps better than waiting half a year with releasing your product.

  • [quote author="Immii" date="1293097771"]It is important for us because there are three show stopper bugs are preventing us to release the product. and Tow of them are market for 4.8 and one for 4.7.2[/quote]

    Which are those bugs. Also check their priority on tracker. If its on high priority chances are high that it would get fixed soon.

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