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Beginner: OpenGL Widget works in creator but black when launched from .exe

  • Hello All,

    I have been working on a Qt OpenGL project for a bit now for some school work. I had to re-build Qt 5.0.1 for my windows machine so I could use OpenGL proper. At the end of this project I need to turn over the files and any executables, so I figured I could take the release .exe and stick it in a .zip for use.

    I followed instructions online of making sure I place any needed .dll's into the .exe's dir. For my project there are 10:
    icudt49, icuin49, icuuc49, libEGL, libGLESv2, Qt5Core, Qt5Gui, Qt5OpenGL and Qt5Widgets

    I took these files all from:

    on my system.

    Issue is the .exe will run and I get the UI and all. But the OpenGL scene is just black. I can still click objects in the scene, evidently zoom in and out and all that. I assume thats just the Qt translating the commands still. But nothing is visible. I'm unsure what the problem can be because it all works fine when launched from the creator.

    Any help or suggestions in this would be great with thanks in advance.

    I looked online about publishing with Qt Creator and found not too much aid, said I should start from completely rebuilding Qt Creator staticly, but I'm sure the guide I had followed did this, however I still can't publish from the build menu, so I stuck with the above method.

  • What plugins did you deploy?
    Run it from a command prompt... any output?

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