Audio Recording from microphone to wav file in Qt

  • Hello, I am trying to do an application with the purpose of being able to record phrases and have them automatically saved in a chosen directory as wav files. For this I am trying to use the QAudioRecorder class. When I hit the record button I speak something into the microphone and .wav file gets saved into the directory that I chose with the name that I want but when I playback the file it is just noise. I don't think I am using the recording class properly.

    What I have so far is :

    void RecordingWidget::startRecording()
    if(audioRecorder->state() == QMediaRecorder::StoppedState)

        //Set Audio Input
        // Sets Output location where to store the file
        // Set recording Settings
        QAudioEncoderSettings settings;
        settings.setCodec("audio/amr");     // Not sure what to put here
    else {



    Any guidance greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  • Hi sergex.

    Use "QAudioEncoderControl::supportedAudioCodecs": first to find out which codec your system support.

    One of this codec is responsible for wav.
    Take this string an add with setCodec()

    Also check QAudioEncoderControl::supportedEncodingOptions for this codec to be sure the everything is set correctly.

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