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QSqlRelationalTableModel & Sample Values

  • Hello everyone! Khm, here I am Sqlite database (there is part we are interested in):
    ! of base in Toad Data Modeler)!
    I'm using in my project QSqlRelationTableModel - Qt Sql model-interview. So, for example I'm opened table StoringItems and set up relations with metod QSqlRelationTableModel::setRelation(). Ok, but problem is that if I will change (see example) GeForce to Intel Core its type (sory its on russian, on screnshot there are two types: Videocards and Processors) will not change on type Processor from Videocards because that information is in another table. It is my question and problem: How can I set up such relations in QSqlRelationTableModel? Or I can't and I need to change QSqlRelationTableModel to level below and use queries.
    P.S. And one more thing, how can I configure model that when you click on the field with the date opened calendar to choosing? Only with catching events?

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