Error when compiling Application in Release mode with MinGW Compiler (out of memory allocating 20479 bytes)

  • Hello all,

    When I am trying to compile my desktop application in release mode using MinGW getting the only error is: "cc1plus.exe:-1: error: out of memory allocating 20479 bytes".

    Application is properly compiling and running in debug mode.

    I am using Windows7 and Qt 4.8.1 version.

    Please help me to resolve this memory issue in release mode.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Which version of MinGW are you using?
    IIRC there have similar reports here at devnet. I might help to update to newest MinGW distribution. However, this means also that may have to recompile Qt.

  • Thanks Koahnig for quick reply.

    Sorry but I am new in QT and not much aware with MinGW. Can you please tell me from where I can get version of MinGW?

    I got this following info in mingw folder's manifest file.

    gdb and libexpat-1.dll

    One thing I would like to share that in my application is containing 5 classes of size 2-3 MB of each.Could it be cause of this problem?

    And Is it possible to make deployment build of my application in debug mode using MinGW?
    I made build debug mode but giving Qtcored4.dll error while I have added this dll in that folder.

  • It seems to be MinGW 4.4 based on your list. Possibly there is a mix, but I do not know all the details of MinGW myself. You can check the version of MinGW on the command prompt with "g++ --version".

    MinGW 4.4 is outdated already for some time. Even though it has been used for the latest pre-build of Qt 4.8.4 available from the download page.

    If you think of using Qt4 "here is wiki page": helping in building Qt libs.
    The "wiki on MinGW": tells how to get the newest compiler.

    It looks that you are starting with Qt. You might want to have a look at the alternative of using the "new Qt5 SDK": It comes with Qt creator and also the newest MinGW compiler. This might save a bit of hazzle for you.

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