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Qt Network Programming

  • I just Had a quick question, and hopefully someone can answer this. I was just curious if I create an application using Qt Networking, will it be compatible on a UNIX box managed by webmin? I have read a few places that if you do not manage the server with Qt you can run into issues. I am not familiar at all with socket programming so if this is a stupid question please bear with me. Should i just write it in straight C++ or is using Qt tcp and ftp better( or rather will i run into any issues). Thanks

  • There is not any reason why this should not work. Webmin is only a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. As long as you deploy your app and all the neede libs (QtCore, QtNetwork, maybe some more else, depending on the app) it should work seamlessly.

    It does not matter if you use "plain" C++ or C++ with Qt from a TCP socket's point of view.

  • Thank you! I wanted to make sure( as i said i read a few places about issues) before i dove into it.

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