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Registering a custom QTextCodec from a staticlib

  • The title pretty much says it all. I want to be able to instantiate a QTextCodec from my static lib (globally, I guess) such that when I call QTextCodec::codecForName or QTextCodec::codecForMib from the application, the codec has already been registered - without the application knowing or needing to do it itself.

    I tried adding a global to the static lib. Either: QMyCodec g_mycodec; or QMyCodec * g_mycodec = new QMyCodec; but it doesn't actually get constructed unless my application references it some how; and at that point, I might as well have just constructed one outright from my _main() function.

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    Well AFAIK QTextCodec has no Qt-Plugin support (e.g. like the imageformats are). So they are not automatically loaded for you by Qt if they are needed.
    You have to register them manually.

  • I'm not talking about Qt-Plugins. My question could apply to any class instance which needs to be initialized in the global scope of a static lib.

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