Help, How to Static Linking Qt 5.0.2 (latest release) VS2010

  • Hello guys,

    I have just started using Qt and I must say it is quit awesome. I ha downloaded and install Qt 5.0.2(CS2010) for windows 7. I need my application to run on other computers(who wouldn't) and I have understand that for this to happen either you have to include on the release folder all the .dll files needed for your application or link the libraries statically making your executable bigger in size but no need to find all this .dll files etc. I have found some tutorials on how to statically link libs for previous versions of Qt but nothing works on version 5.0.2. Can anyone expert help me on this? Is that possible on 5.0.2 or do we have to wait until someone figure it out how it happen?

  • In fact Qt 5.0.2 says that Static linking now works correctly for the Qt libraries. Is that mean that all necessary .lib files will be linked in the executable on the release folder? Moreover when I build my project in the release mode on Qt Creator the release folder remains empty why is that?

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