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QWebPluginFactory will work for all browsers?

  • Will QWebPluginFactory work for Chrome, Firefox and IE ? Or it is just for QtWebKit? I need to write down all that stuff for NPAPI?

  • Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do? QWebPluginFactory is used to embed Netscape style plugins (NPAPI). Further, you can create your own custom plugins within your application by subclassing QWebPluginFactory and overriding the QWebPluginFactory::create method. Those plugins are part of your application however and are not standalone to be used in a typical browser.

    If you are indeed hoping to write a standalone plugin that can be used by any browser that supports NPAPI, then yes, you'll need to "write down all that stuff for NPAPI". You can look at "QtBrowserPlugin":, as a starting point. It's quite old but I think the concepts still hold true.

  • Actually, I have tried QtBrowserPlugin, but it is not working for Chrome (I did not installed it to Firefox nor IE)...

    So what I am gonna do? I am going to insert QWidget into the webpage...

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