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Best practice: Integrate .js file to a project

  • Hi,

    the question is, how to properly add a .js file to my project.
    Currently, I have created a qrc file and add the .js file to it.
    Now, I can reference to it with an import statement like this:
    @import "qrc:/helper.js" as Helper@
    This works, but the Qt Creator has marked this as an error with a red underline.

    If I use loose .js files and reference with
    @import "helper.js" as Helper@

    this has to be deployed as a loose file, too. So, anyone can simply manipulate it.

    So, what is the best way? Perhaps there are much more ways...

  • You make wrong assumption that file in qrc can't be read or manipulated. I just did that with one core N9 app last month as I have tried to figure out what I should pass to it.

  • Ok, that's right.
    But for a normal user, it is harder to access a qrc file than a plain file.

  • At least when the js/qml files are in the same qrc file, you can adress the .js files like so from QML:

    import "helper.js" as Helper

    even when theyre inside the qrc. This works with QtQuick2 at least.

    • M

  • this doesn't work for me.

    The program didn't find the file.
    Perhaps this is because of my mac system.
    But in Qt Creator this is an error, too.

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