[SOLVED] TypeError: Object has no method 'process' - BUT IT HAS

  • I have a problem with a C++ class I've exposed to the QML context.

    The object is wrongly recognized as a QAbstractListModel:

    bq. TypeError: Object QAbstractListModel(0x28fdfc) has no method 'process'

    but in fact the type is TestModel and it only inherits QAbstractListModel.

    The method itself is declared as a Q_INVOKABLE, I even get autocomplete suggestion in QML, but it complains the method does not exist.

    Any ideas?

  • Can you provide more details (code)? I had no problem with exposing C++ objects to QML so far.

  • Yep, one more time I forget to include the Q_OBJECT macro - IDE code generation is spoiling me.

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