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QML vs Standard C++ Graphical view

  • After playing with QML into some concrete case, I was wondering if the benefit for people knowing already the beauty, the power of the Qt graphical view + state machine, animation is not efficient enough.
    As the complexity increasing it started to be difficult to handle it properly. Sure for a simple Application that is probably the way to go. But for an application that need to be properly design using proper UI design Pattern like Model View Presenter, it seems to me that we introduce a much more higher couple into the view because the scripting approach.
    Building home-made, custom widget, custom layout is also more easy in pure C++ Qt without to pay the overhead of binding to QML...
    I might be wrong about scripting, but i am interested to hear about your experience.

  • QML has just been started,I think it will be more quick more robust and easy.
    Its just time issue ,

  • What is potentially very exiting for QML, is the QML SceneGraph project. Potentially, it could make QML run much faster for stuff like animations, and you could even do multi-threaded rendering. The demo's I've seen at the dev days were impressive...

    For now, QML does bring some overhead, but it may be a question of cost of building vs cost of running. QML does make specifying all these fancy animated UI's pretty simple, although we really do need some standard components (in the works).

  • thanks alot for answers, i will wait then :)

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