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QtCreator Source Code: Highlight keyword matches.

  • Hi,

    Can anyone tell how to find the procedure in QtCreator code that highlights the matching keywords. :-) I have search a lot, but no results.

  • This is the closer I can get:

    void CurrentDocumentFind::highlightAll(const QString &txt, Find::FindFlags findFlags)
    QTC_ASSERT(m_currentFind, return);
    m_currentFind->highlightAll(txt, findFlags);

    But can't find the definition for highlightAll. Any idea?

  • I didn't understand which language keywords you mean and which highlighting. Can you explain more detaily please?

  • Hi sergey-shambir, thanks for your reply.

    In QtCreator, when you Find some text, and the text is found, the Editor highlight (in yellow) the matching words, I want to know, how QtCreator does it.

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