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Qt 5.0.2 Source Components - what is this?

  • Good morning. I've just downloaded Qt 5.0.2 release and during the instalation I see unchecked theese options:
    Source Components: Essentials, Add-Ons: qttranslations, qtsvg.......

    I can't find out what is this for. Can anyone tell me what exactly this is and give me any 'usage scenario'?
    I'm still a qt beginner and I would be very grateful for any answer.
    Thank you in advance.

  • It's the source code for the Qt libraries that are also being installed. It's not needed to simply use the installed libraries. You need the source code if you wanted to build the MySql database plugin for example.

  • So are things like source components > add-ons > qtlocation already included with the default install? Or do I need to install source components and build qtlocation?

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