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Qt5 app starts hidden on destination machine

  • Hi all
    I've written an application using Qt5 which starts with the codes below :

    It works perfectly on the development machine but starts invisible in the host machine (It runs and can be seen in taskbar)

    I'm talking about a Windows XP specific app

  • I am not totally sure what is happening there. Try making sure that you dont have any other window which is set to always on top on the machine where you are testing or some other window system related feature that makes all new application to start minimized.

  • Thanks for the reply.
    It seems that I've forgot to deploy "qjpeg.dll" along with my application.
    It's so wired that not deploying "qjpeg.dll" makes apps fail like this, without any error messages.
    (I was using a background image in my app which was a JPEG file)

    Thanks again.

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