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Qt4 -> Qt5 general questions

  • I have a few books I bought about Qt4 a few years ago. I use to use Qt but then had to move to another framework. I'm looking at picking Qt up again and I want to start to Qt5. So I'll need to refresh my knowledge and the books helped a lot in the past but I don't see anything about Qt5 books being written. I've been trying to find documents on the differences between the two but either I'm looking in the wrong place, or there aren't any. Is there a large enough difference between the two that I would have to look retraining myself again, or is everything pretty much the same but the framework has been modularized more?

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    Qt5 is almost completely source-compatible. Porting even big projects is usually very short.

    The official porting guide can be found "here": In most cases books about Qt4 will still be relevant, if a bit outdated. Just remember to add QT += widgets in your .pro file and include <QtWidgets> instead of <QtGui>.

  • Thank you for that information.

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