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Does Qt have some kind of "Dock Indicator"?

  • Does Qt have some kind of Dock Indicator?

    In Source Film Maker (made using Qt) you get these "Dock Indicator" when moving windows. Any idea how to replicate?

    ! Dock Indicators)!

  • In company which I work for we did similar thing by showing semi-transparent image (with dock-helper indicator) over whole application.

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    when you start a window drag show your "DragOverlay" widget (derived from QWidget).
    In the dragMove handlers of the "DragOverlay" widget you need to implement the logic for the indicator handling and save them to a list.
    In the paintEvent you then need to do the painting of your stored indicators. In the dropEvent just hide the overlay.

    You need also to make sure that the overlay gets also resized when it's parent gets resized and make sure that it's always the topmost widget in the child-stack.

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