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Anti-aliasing in Qt OpenGL with ANGLE

  • When using ANGLE with Qt on Windows, lines drawn in a QGLWidget context are not anti-aliased on my Windows 8 64-bit machine (Geforce GTX 260). Setting the usual hints (QGL::SampleBuffers, QPainter::Antialiasing, and QPainter::HighQualityAntialiasing) seem to have no effect. This is odd because WebGL in Chrome's ANGLE works fine, as does anti-aliasing in non-Qt programs. Text anti-aliasing also works. Does anybody have any idea how to get anti-aliasing to work? It used to work with desktop OpenGL in Qt 4.8.

  • I don't think OpenGL ES 2 supports antialiasing, and since ANGLE use OpenGL ES 2.0 API it is not supported in the default Qt 5.0.0. Qt 5.0.2 lets you choose whether to use OpenGL or ANGLE, so I suppose you should investigate how to run OpenGL instead of ANGLE.

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