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Adding external documentation to QT Assistant.

  • I have successfully built a .qhp file and made the compressed help file (.qch) and loaded it into Qt Assistant. It is displaying propery in Qt Assistant. However, it looks very basic and is not using a stylesheet. I've tried adding a reference to a .css file in the header of the .qhp file. It builds successfully, but does not use the styles in the .css.

    What is the best way to get the external document I'm adding to Qt Assistant to use nice-looking styles?

    [apologies if this is the wrong forum group; it seemed rather "general" to me]

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    Are you using qdoc3 or doxygen?

  • [quote author="sierdzio" date="1365832136"]Are you using qdoc3 or doxygen?[/quote]

    Thank you for your response.

    I am not using qdoc3 or doxygen. What I am documenting are UI guidelines for our designers using Qt Designer. We use a different application to develop the documentation. Here is the process I use to get the .qch file generated.

    1. Create documentation in HTML5.
    2. Build a .qhp file.
    3. Run qhelpgenerator [filename].chp -o [filename].qch.
    4. Import [filename].qch into Qt Assistant.

    The .qhp file builds properly into the .qch file and the documentation is viewable in Qt Assistant. However, it is very basic and the .css styles I want to use are not displayed.

    How can I make the documentation use my .css styles? Or, how can I have it use the styles that are used in the default help documentation stored in Qt Assistant? The default Qt Assistant documentation looks good and uses a .css or stylesheet.

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    I don't know, sorry.

  • Thanks for your response. I think I've figured out what needs to happen.

    The file structure of the HTML5 needs to include the .css in the root of the file structure, prior to generating the .qch file from the .qhp file. If the .css is buried in a directory in the HTML5, it is not built into the .qch file.

    Also, the reference to the .css file needs to be included in the .qhp file used to build the .qch.

    For example:

    @ <files>

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