I need some help with Jambi

  • I pulled a java application called NixNote from the git repo. It uses Jambi for UI stuff. The repo does not include the jambi jar as it is not OS independent. So I downloaded the jar, added it to the project. I also configured the native library path.
    This took care of the big red exclamation mark next to the project (in eclipse).
    However, when I try to run, I still get this error :

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: qtjambi.version is not set!
    at com.trolltech.qt.Utilities.<clinit>(Utilities.java:79)
    at com.trolltech.qt.QtJambi_LibraryInitializer.<clinit>(QtJambi_LibraryInitializer.java:55)
    at com.trolltech.qt.QtJambiObject.<clinit>(QtJambiObject.java:60)

    Please help me.

  • This normally happens when the wrong library is loaded. Include only the library for the platformyou use.

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