Build problems on MinGW/WinXP

  • I am trying to build Qt using mingw 4.7.2 (dw2) on WinXP using the msys shell. I have downloaded the Unix tarball since that seems better suited to what I am trying to do. Having followed all the instructions in the README (installing Perl, ICU, Ruby, etc) I am encountering two problems:

    1. When I run the configure script, it fails to recognise the presence of the ICU package despite the fact that I have built and installed it. I have changed PATH to point to the enclosing directory under which /bin, /lib, etc exist, the /bin directory and the /lib directory which seems to contain the DLLs mentioned in the README. Which ICU components does the build require so I can check I have those.

    2. Again in configure, I get a warning that the DirectX SDK is not installed (which it isn't). This is not mentioned as a dependency in the README. I have tried installing the DirectX June 2010 SDK from Microsoft - the only one I can find - but the install fails. To be fair, configure script mentions the build will probably fail without DirectX... which it does while trying to build Open GL components! Re-configuring and adding -no-opengl, the warning about DirectX goes away but the build still fails with a completely spurious syntax error in openglwindow.h Is it still trying to include the OpenGL stuff?

    The ICU issue is minor as losing the Webkit is not a showstopper. But the failed build most definitely is a big problem! Any advice on this OpenGL issue would be welcomed.

    It must be possible to build as the opensource Windows Qt version uses mingw(sjlj).

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