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Left join on to models

  • hi,

    I have search on a lot of qt sites/forums. But i can not find the solution how to to join 2 QSqlTableModels together.

    The models x and y can an be joined on and table y contains extra information so i want to use a Left join. If the is for some reason no extra information the row form x is still displayed. The result needs to be a models so i can view it with a QTableView.

    On several places i read that i need to subclass QAbstractProxyModel. But how? which function need to be reimplemented?

    Does someone has an example?

  • Can mentioned join be achieved by sql query? If yes then instead of implementing filtering model (QAbstractProxyModel) try to set appropriate sql query for your QSqlTableModel (see 'setQuery' methods).

  • Model x is a model with data that is not committed to the database. So a join in the database cant be done. Table y contains extra information for each row from table x.

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