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How to set a "instant" value instead of a relative value of a property? Simple example...

  • rect2 width and height must be half of its parent width and height. But I want that just at the beginning. If the user resizes the window, I don't want the rect2 to recalculate his width and height based on its parent size. Example:

    @Rectangle {
    id: rect;
    width: 360;
    height: 360;
    color: "black";

    Rectangle {
        id: rect2;
        width: rect.width*0.5;
        height: rect.height*0.5;
        anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter;
        anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter;
        color: "white";


    In this example, I want the rect2 to be "forever" 180 x 180.
    PS: I'm a Qt Programmer. Beginner at QtQuick.

  • I got it, guys. When we set

    @width: rect.width * 0.5;@

    is happening a binding. Not an assignment. What I should do to assign the value:
    @Component.onCompleted: {
    width = rect.width * 0.5;

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