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I am interested in sound visualisation bars....

  • Sound visualisation bars=

    What i am searching of is request from an audio file something like:

    were 10 is the line and 3450 the exact millesecond. Which would return a float with max 1 and min 0. For example in the picture lets say the 1st line is 0.40, the second one would be about 0.37 .


    Could you provide me with some links because i don't know from were to start?

  • What you're looking for is the "fourier transform": of certain frames of the audio signal. For example, you could "convolute": the audio signal with a moving "gaussian window": and calculate the "discrete fourier transform": of the result, and then state that this is the spectral composition at the time t, where t denotes the center of the gaussian. Note that this is not a strict or unique definition, because the fourier transform actually contains all the time information already. It does not need a time dimension, that's the whole idea actually, transforming from time- to frequency-space. The gaussian window is used to give a more intuitive time-dependant spectrum.

    For calculating fourier transforms fast, have a look at "FFTW3": It's a great package and super easy to use, considering the enormous power. Don't attempt implementing a DFT algorithm yourself, if you just care about the result and performance. (If you want to learn how it works, go ahead!)

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