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QCharts core development?

  • Just tried QChart 1.2.1 with Qt 5.0.1 and Visual Studio 2010, running in Windows XP. I need something for real time charting, and this seems to come close, but it is also pretty rudimentary in many respects. I am looking particularly at the QScatterSeries to make an XY chart that updates in real time (generally 100 points per sec). It needs to rescale the horizontal axis every once in a while as new data exceeds the axis limits. The current implementation appears to re-draw the entire series every time a new point is added, which makes it get progressively slower as 10s of 1000s of points appear in the series. My application would only need a complete re-draw when the axis is rescaled, and just draw the new points as they come in for most of the time.

    Also, I would like a LOT more choices for marker styles (currently only 2!!) and the ability to use both lines and markers on an XY graph.

    I do not see issues like these in the future directions posting on the project web page. What I see are plans for adding 3-D, and other advanced features. What I need is more work on the core. Is there a plan to keep making the core package more feature-rich? I do not see QCharts in the bug tracker either, otherwise, i would post these suggestions there.

    I also looked into Qwt, the QChart graphs look a bit more refined and professional, and I like the idea of using a package that is supported by digia (or whoever owns/supports Qt at the time!).

  • I would say that I'm in the same position as you are.
    Except I discovered that you can build nice looking charts with Qwt. Most of the sample are ugly, which may lead you into thinking that you are are limited to poorly designed charts. However with a bit of tweaking you can get better looking graphs. ! )!

  • Agree, your graph looks a bit better than the examples. But, I just tried building the Qwt (6.0.2), got error messages and a failed build with VS 2010 and Qt5. I think it is compatible with those two, but maybe you know differently. So, i cant even check it out.

  • Works fine here with Qt 4.8.4 and MSVC 2005. Can't help for other setup.

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