QT release build defining both _DEBUG and NDEBUG and causing issued with PhysX

  • Hello, I am trying to build an editor that links with my game engine and I am running into this issue. In PhysX I get this error: “Exactly one of NDEBUG and _DEBUG needs to be defined by preprocessor” when I build the project in release mode. The debug build works fine. So for some reason the release build is defining both NDEBUG and _DEBUG for some reason.

    I should also add that I am using a VS2012 build of QT, but I get the same error when I build with the VS2010 version.

    Also I am forced to use QT 4.8.4, because when I try to compile with 5.0.1 I get a bunch of OpenGL redefinition errors, but I am fine working with 4.8.4.


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