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Unneeded folders in compiled Qt source? Also, alternative to MT flag?

  • According to "this":, compiling Qt with the static flag and the MT flag will cause "memory problems." One thing that I definitely do NOT need is extra headaches. So I'm trying to brainstorm alternatives to the MT flag. I was thinking of maybe using some sort of wrapper that extracts the C++ dependencies to the current directory and then runs the Qt exe from memory? Maybe there is already a program that does this for me? Does anyone know of one?

    Also, I noticed that there are some extra folders in my Qt source such as "qtwebkit." Can I delete these?

    I have the following parameters:
    no opengl support
    no qtdeclarative support (which requires opengl)
    no icu support
    no webkit support

  • I solved my problem with C++ dependencies with IExpress

    Any other good software like it?

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