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QtWebKit crashes when deployed

  • Hello every one,

    I am trying to deploy on windows an application that uses QtWebkit. When it runs on my computer every thing is ok, but it doesn't on other Windows 7 computer I can find. When the QWebView used to display web content, is supposed to appear, the application crashes. The WebView appears when the user clicks a button, so if he doesn't the rest of the application is running correctly.
    I have read that into the doc : "here":

    bq. If you are deploying an application that uses QtWebKit to display HTML pages from the World Wide Web, you should include all text codec plugins to support as many HTML encodings possible.

    But I don't know what "text codec plugins" are, and how to add them with my .exe file. (I have in the same directory as my .exe all DLL that were asked).
    (Maybe this is not related to my issue but this is the only idea I have for the moment)

    I am using Qt5.0.1 with mingw.

    Any help will be appreciate

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