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Cannot Install On OS X

  • I'm trying to build the latest package of QT on OS X. When I try to make it, I get an error on the statement to include RegExpJitTables.h.

    I've seen this has shown up in Fedora, but no references to OS X. Apparently it's fixed or no longer a problem on other OSes.

    What do I need to do to fix this?

    And, along with that, I'm new to C++ and I installed QT Creator and see that all the QT libraries are in my home directory, within the QT 5.01 tree, along with the QT Creator program. Installing this did not put any libraries in /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib, but all in that directory in my home directory.

    Isn't this problematic or breaking some of the rules for locations of libraries? Rather than building QT on my own, since I have the files in ~/QT5.0.1, can I copy all the lib files and include files to the proper directories in /usr/lib/local? (And wouldn't any QT applications I install from other sources look there for QT libs they might need?)

    Ultimately I want to use Poppler with QT to display PDFs, but I can't build Poppler so it includes or uses QT if the QT libs are not in place, can I?

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