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Qmake / QFileSystemEngine::currentPath: stat(".") failed - Trouble building project

  • Hi,

    i am storing a Qt test-project in this szenario:

    Host: Linux (Debian) with samba and ACL
    Client: Linux (Ubuntu) with smb-client

    I mount some share from the host to the client. At the client I started Qt-Creator (current release) and start a new project, storing it on the mounted share.

    I can do anything at that location, create files, delete files, modify them, create directories. I also can chown and chmod all files.

    Such rights must be enough to compile the project but it wont work:

    user@PC:/media/DatenMedia/Develop/Qt/test1$ /home/user/Qt5.0.1/5.0.1/gcc/bin/qmake /media/DatenMedia/Develop/Qt/test1/ -r -spec linux-g++ CONFIG+=debug CONFIG+=declarative_debug CONFIG+=qml_debug
    QFileSystemEngine::currentPath: stat(".") failed
    QFileSystemEngine::currentPath: stat(".") failed
    QFileSystemEngine::currentPath: stat(".") failed
    Cannot find file: /media/DatenMedia/Develop/Qt/test1/

    Again: All files are there, created by Qt-Creator, they can be modified an deleted as often as you want.

    I am obliged for any help.


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    Why don't you use a version control system to transfer your project from one machine to another? That has the additional benefit of rollbacks, logs, etc. and allows you to build your stuff on local drive which is faster anyway.

  • Hi,

    just a useless reply @ Tobias Hunger....

    I am using git, i checked the project out with git...

    I created a test project just for fixing this problem.

    As I say - a useless reply doesnt regarding the problem in any way.

    I want to store (git controlled) projects on the mounted filesystem and I dont want to discuss why I want it that way.


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